Your wishes carried out

The loss of a family pet can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Deciding what to do next can be one of the most difficult decisions you make in your life. We want to help ease the pain by providing the most ethical and honest after death care possible. Kozy Acres will help you make the proper arrangements and you can rest assured knowing you are in control of which service will be provided for your beloved pet. We service all types of family pets, furry or exotic. We can coordinate the pickup of your pet’s remains from your home or your clinic or hospital.

Burial Services

Kozy Acres Pet Cemetery is located on 12 acres in a beautifully landscaped country setting. Our burial services include private burial, private viewing, Certificate of Burial, and pick-up service. Some additional options are:

  • Burial of Cremains
  • Granite Markers
  • Grave Markers
  • Caskets
  • Plaques
  • Clay Paws

Cremation Services

Our crematory is located on the Kozy Acres Cemetery property. We offer two options for cremation, private and communal. During private cremation, we only place your pet’s remains inside the cremation chamber. Then, after the process is complete, your pet’s remains are removed and placed in your choice of urn or tin. Communal cremations are prepared in groups. We, then, scatter the cremains in our Pet Cemetery for memorization. Private viewing of the cremation is available when requested. Additional options for our cremation services include:

  • Certificate of Cremation
  • Communal Memorial Plates
  • Urns
  • Plaques
  • Clay Paws

Online Memorials

Send us a photo and a few paragraphs to remember your family pet. We will post their tribute in our Memorials gallery. You, then, can share the post with your family and friends.