Planning Ahead

Preparations made to honor your pet

The loss of a pet can be painful and overwhelming. Decisions about after-death arrangements can be difficult for a person while grieving. For this reason, many choose to plan arrangements before the death of a beloved pet. Making preparations beforehand can save yourself additional anguish when your pet passes. There are many things to be aware of before making any decision regarding your pet’s remains.

Some considerations for your pet’s remains are:

  • Formal burial and location
  • Private or communal cremation
  • How will my pet be memorialized after burial or cremation

High standards and ethics do not apply to every pet cemetery or pet crematorium. Think carefully about what arrangements you want for your pet. Equally important, what provider can you trust to fulfill those wishes.  For example, the cremation process can happen in many different ways. You may want to keep only your pet’s ashes and not realize that your beloved pet was cremated with several other pets. Unfortunately, some crematorium services can be unscrupulous; promising a dignified, private cremation, but instead mass incinerate the remains. Your attendance to any private cremation services should be allowed, without a large fee. A crematory, not providing this, should raise a red flag.

At Kozy Acres, we provide a certificate of cremation.  The certification affirms the cremation of your pet exclusively. Additionally, you are always welcome to attend the cremation process. This will ensure that you are receiving only your pet’s cremains and will ease the pain associated with the passing of your pet.

Choosing a pet burial or crematory provider that will provide you with the care you and your pet deserve can be a daunting task. Familiarize yourself with the many options of after death care services and choose which you deem appropriate for you and your pet. Dealing with a death is never an easy undertaking, but with careful planning and considerations, can become a beautiful way to lay your pet to rest.