Our Staff

Since 1981, our family has been a trusted provider of after death pet services. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the unconditional love between you and your pet. To honor that relationship, we are dedicated to serving your needs through this final act of love.


Therese has been serving grieving pet owners for over 25 years at Kozy Acres. As one of the co-owners, her calm demeanor gives pet owners peace of mind to know they will be treated with compassion and dignity. She is pictured here with her furry, four-legged friend, Gracie.

Tom Jr. and Tom III

Co-owner, Tom Jr., supports pet owners through their time of grief with his comforting words and kindness. Pictured here with his dog, Hugo. He understands the special bond people have with their pets. Tom Jr. knows how to support grieving families and help them find closure.

Tom III has been working alongside his parents and understands the need families have to grieve for their pet, in their own way. Jack, his dog, is his steady companion. You may find him alongside Tom, while he is maintaining the landscaping in the Kozy Acres Pet Cemetery.