Frequently Asked Questions

Burial Questions

How does the pet cemetery burial process work?
When your pet passes, we guide you through the entire process.  You can walk through our pet cemetery grounds and choose a plot, granite marker, casket, and any other special remembrance items you may wish to have.
Can my pet be buried with a special item?
You may bring any items, including toys, pictures, blankets, flowers, etc. We will properly arrange items in the casket for viewing and burial.
Who may attend my pet's funeral service?
Anyone you like may be present for the funeral. Prior to burial, attendees may take as much time as needed in our private room.

Cremation Questions

What is cremation?
Cremation is a process whereby a pet’s remains are consumed by intense heat, reducing the body to it’s basic element, calcium.
How long does the cremation process take?
Depending on the size and weight of your pet, the entire cremation process can take 1 to 2 hours.
May I be present during the cremation process?
Absolutely. One of the reasons we began our pet crematory was because there was a lack of openness within the after-death pet care industry. We believe that pet owners need to grieve in their own way and being present at their pet’s cremation can help bring them closure.

General Questions

What types of memory keepsakes are available?
A memorial bookmarks is given to each pet owner.  Bookmarks have a detachable adornment, which may planted to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet. Paw print impressions, memorial plaques, urns, and granite markers are additional memorial items available.
I have a limited budget. Are there still options available?
Kozy Acres is dedicated to helping pet owners grieve for their loss and find closure. Please call our office to discuss the right options for you and your pet.
My veterinary clinic has their own services. Can I use Kozy Acres' services?
Yes. You have a right to use any provider you wish. Knowing your pet will be well taken care of is an important part of the grieving process. We can pick-up your pet’s remains from your home or veterinary office. We schedule pick-up times directly with the veterinary clinic.