After Hours Services

We offer pick-up services from your veterinary office, emergency vet, or from your home during office and emergency hours.  You may also contact us during off hours.

If your pet passes away unexpectedly, please call us at (815) 723-9588. Be aware that some veterinarians may charge a holding fee for a pet that was euthanized during the night.  Please know, you have the right to take your pet’s remains with you.

During this unfortunate time, you may need to keep your pets remains in your home for a short time.  Rest assured, that a well-cooled body can be held for up to 24 hours; however, the sooner we can arrange a pick-up the better.

If the pet is small, wrap the remains in a blanket, towel, or bed sheet and then place in a plastic bag.  Then, you can store the remains safely in a refrigerator or freezer.  This is the preferred way to temporarily store remains.

If the animal is too large, there are two options. The remains should be placed on a cool, cement floor or concrete slab in the basement. This is the best way to draw heat away from the body.  In this case, you should not cover or wrap the body.

If a cool, cement surface is not available, you should wrap the remains in a towel, blanket, or bed sheet and place it in a plastic bag.  Keep the body in the coldest area of your home, out of the sun, and packed with bags of ice.

Once we arrange a pick-up or drop-off, we will help you through the process of our after death services.

Contact us at (815) 723-9588.